Wow! Marc Lostracco on Torontoist mocked up a bunch of suggestions for TTC swag. Since the TTC seems incapable of doing it for themselves.

Seriously, the Legacy Sportswear they are selling at their new Union Station shop is AWFUL.

I'd buy this stuff over that stuff in a heartbeat. Are you listening, Howard Moscoe?

Wait, no, of course you aren't.


Ian C. said...

walk left. stand right. that's awesome.

brokenengine said...

I really love them a lot. Damn, I wish they sold them for $5(not damn likely) so I could buy them all.

See, as much as I bitch and complain about the TTC, I *LOVE* the TTC. To me, it's one of the quintessential things that represents Toronto, which I also love a lot. So, these shirts = JOY for me.

Too bad they're not likely to be made, since Moscoe probably won't do anything about it, but WILL protect the TTC copyright vigorously.

Ian C. said...

yea, but with spreadshirt.com anyone can have a t-shirt with a logo they want on it. so these shirts are obtainable...just not at rock bottom prices. hell i think i'll order up a walk left one. that just makes me laugh every time i think about it.