So, at the suggestion of Jill Murray, I thought I would try out this new thing called ReviewMe. It seems pretty simple:

  • If you're a blogger, you sign up at ReviewMe.com. You don't have to give them a whole lot of CV either.
  • You write a review of reviewme.com to start off, within 48 hrs of signing up. This make sense on one hand, but also not on another (discussed down later).
  • After this, advertisers contact you, asking you to write a review of their product. You choose which ones you accept.
  • You get paid for this.

For instance, I'm getting paid for this blog right now. You DO NOT have to write a positive review. As far as I can see, the only stipulation is that the review has to be at least 200 words.

So, at first blush, sure it seems like a great idea, bloggers getting paid to blog. But here's where it's kind of weird, and makes me raise my eyebrows, perhaps unnecessarily. I'm supposed to write a review of reviewme, when I haven't had ANY experience with reviewme. On one hand I can understand the logic of the request, because all these bloggers will sign up to make some $$$, and then will post a review of reviewme, spreading the word like wildfire, instantly creating a huge market for advertisers. But who of us knows if it's a good service? We've only been signed up for less than 48hrs. How do I write an objective and informed review when I know very little about the service besides what the service has told me about itself? What use is this review to anyone, except to get the word around? So, it's not really "ReviewMe", but "AdvertiseMe". Isn't it? Won't we all be shills, giving our opinion on something we know very very little about? Or, is that the actual definition of "blogging"? Ha. Ha?

Anyway, it seems like a cool idea, so I'll try it out. And hey, if you guys want to try this out too, click on the link above and sign up, and make some scratch (maybe).

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Anonymous said...

That is a quandary, and one I dealt with as well, but I think all you can do is exactly what you've done-- review the small part you have experienced. I think in other cases-- like if there was something to read or listen to or try out-- there's probably more of a shot at righting something more comprehensive or in-depth.