podcast o'clock!

So, last night we did a live off the floor performance and interview at Redline Recording Studio, for IndieCan internet radio. It had the potential to be weird, only because it was very alien to anything we're used to, not to mention our first ever interview. But Joe and the guys there are really nice, and made us feel comfortable right from the word go. I went to high school with Joe's co-host (Andre Skinner), and also the engineer (Sam Ibbet), so we had a good time reminiscing about No-Market and the old days. Oh, Jesse, Sam says "Hi!"

I'm told our segment will be broadcast sometime next week, so tune it in. It's also broadcast at Durham College in Oshawa, as well as colleges in Sudbury and Thunder Bay. Hoping to get a lot of hits from college kids on ye olde myspace from this. We'll see...

And speaking of Podcasts, at the suggestion of Jay Moonah, I set up the songs on the Podsafe Music Network, and then promptly forgot about it. That was about a month ago. And since then, we've been played on approx. TEN different internet radio shows around the world! It's really incredible! It's been like Christmas, opening my inbox and seeing where we've been played! And hearing "This is +nurse with 'Former Supermodel Cocktail Waitress'" announced in Dutch was trippy! I even made a profile for my old band zoolab, and that stuff has been played on podcasts!

We found out this week that one of the podcasts that played +nurse is going to be broadcast nationally in the U.S.A next week (Wednesday Nov 15th) on the Sirius Satellite Radio Network, on a program called Stars 102. SWEET!

Oh, new fangled and sparkly technology! Where were you 10 years ago? Hell, 5 years ago?

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Jesse said...

Dude, that's awesome! I will be tuning in fer sher, and I will be calling you!