2006 exuent

So, this was one busy busy year. Got married(Wow!). Had a baby(WOW!!). Changed job title. Might be doing that again soon, I have an interview on my birthday, so wish me luck.

A lot of people take this part of the year to make a "best of/worst of" list. All I know is that I was pretty busy this year, and found myself not paying attention to movies, books, music, etc. Well, I paid attention, but I didn't immerse myself in them as I usually do. For instance, the only book I read this year that was actually published this year was Cell by Stephen King. It was pretty good. As usual with King, a really good concept that perhaps got a little muddled along the way, leaving you with a somewhat unsatisfying ending. However, a more enjoyable read than the last couple of his that I had read.

It can't be a good sign that I can't remember any of the movies I saw this year, with the exception of Crank. I really enjoyed it, but I wouldn't be holding it up as any example of an Oscar contender. But since it's the only movie I saw this year that I can even recall, that tells you what I thought of the other ones. I think the best movie I saw this year was V for Vendetta, but it was released last year. Still...highly underrated.

And that leaves us with music. You know, I almost retired from music this year. I still love writing and playing it, and I always will. But promoting it in this city has become soul killing. Because, every day, I read a blog, or a message board post, or an article in the newspaper, about how great [insert band here] was, how they would surely change our scene, and our lives. And it didn't matter that they'd only been around for 3 weeks, or that they only had 3 songs, because they were that awesome. So, I would check out their myspace page, and would inevitably be categorically unimpressed. And then I would give further benefit of the doubt, and go see them live, and they all, TOO A ONE, sucked. I'm a guy that supports indie music, and applaud anyone with the cajones to get up onstage and do their thing. Imagine my disappointment in my fellow citizens then this year, that I'm writing this. Anyways, they would be rammed shows, and the next day, I would read all the same blogs/papers/message boards raving about the total quality of these shows, and I just got really discouraged. So, after talking it over with the guys, I'm now starting to make myself not care if anyone comes to see my band play. We'll play, and we'll be good, and if the majority wants to go wank off about the emporer-of-the-week(weak?)'s new clothes, it's only their time they're wasting.

You'll notice I haven't linked to any of the bands, or blogs, or papers...momma taught me "If you can't say anything nice..."

A quick note to Toronto "music fans" though: the sooner you start getting minds of your own and stop propping up bands that shouldn't have left mom & dad's basement yet, the sooner an actually GOOD music scene will emerge here. But not until.

All in all, 2006 was crazy busy, and maturing, and easily the biggest year of my life. And I'm happy. And that's all one can really ask for, right?

Hope 2007 finds you all similar.


me said...

i am happy. :) happy new year to you and the fam damily, timbert!

Unknown said...

Happy New Year to you and your family. Thanks for all the clicks, comments and recommendations this year, and i hope to return the courtesy.

brokenengine said...

To as well scoopie! Hmmm, I don't actually KNOW your real name hahaha