So, you may recall my post last month about Reviewme.com, the site that pays bloggers to review other sites. Well, here's my first kick at the can: I have been asked to review InternTown.com.

Not being an intern myself, nor have I ever been an intern of any type, it's a little tough for me to review this site. And the review gives me a link to the site, but very little else to go on. But since, I'm getting paid, lets give this a whirl.

Interntown.com appears to be very much like any other job search website, listing opportunities for those looking to become an intern in various fields. Which I think is great! Monster.com and the like are vast databases that I've never felt 100% comfortable with, having to surf through listing after listing. Imagine if you were searching on one of those sites for purely intern positions; Interntown.com is obviously more specific, and therefore of much more use.

The site design is nice and clean, and the infocentre is of particular use; a sort of FAQ, if you will. One thing that becomes quickly apparent is that Interntown.com is sort of international, although limited to Spain, Germany, and the UK, and one can only search for internships in the UK and Spain; one assumes that Interntown.com doesn't have any German companies on board with their service yet. The infocentre is very informative about what it means to be an intern, and why it's a great idea for students.

I have no idea if this costs anything, and here's where I found a MASSIVE bug. I tried to register myself as an intern, to see if there was any cost to register. Well, I could fill out all of the required info, EXCEPT the country. I tried to input Canada. As soon as I selected it from the drop down list, it immediately reset. So, then I tried to select UK. Same thing. I tried to select Spain. Same thing. I tried to select Botswana. Ditto. If this is a problem with my browser, or their site, I don't know. But if I was an intern and trying to use this site, obviously I would give up and never visit again. So, poor marks there.

All in all though, if the site gets fixed up, and you happen to be someone looking for an internship in Spain or the UK, check out Interntown.com.

There must be literally a dozen of you out there in the world...


Ian C. said...

can i ask: how much are the giving you for this time?

what's interesting about this is you've linked to this site you reviewed in your blog. did reviewme tell you that you had to link the site a minimum number of times in the post?

this is a very sneaky way for people to get search engine ranking improvements as engines really like to see lots of incoming links to your site and will rank you much higher if lots of people link to you.

so if i just pay 1000 bloggers $5 each to link to me by reviewing my site (the engines aren't smart enough to see if you're trashing the site or endorsing it...that's why reviewme says you don't have to be nice) i could really boost my search engine ranking. basically i'm paying someone else (reviewme) to make me rank higher in google. and this is something google really frowns upon. if they liked this sort of behaviour you'd be able to pay google directly to rank higher.

it's just a matter of time before google and yahoo find a way to stem this as it's pretty much a blatant end run around their attempts to make fair and equitable ranking engines. still, get it will the getting is good i suppose.

brokenengine said...

No, I linked of my own volition, because thats what I would do if I was writing a review of anything else. Reviewme only stipulates that you MUST disclose that this is a paid advertisement, and that it MUST be at least $200 words. They pay you $20 per review I believe, although I haven't seen dollar one yet.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a really interesting service. In my days, I would have to go to an Agent in Spain and pay about 300 euros for him to get me an internship opportunity abroad.

Reviewme or no reviewme aside, I am glad to see free services like this being set up. It gives students the chance to freely find what they need for their studies.

Oh brokengine, as a techie that I am, I cheked on the dropwdown thingy and found that the problem is in firefox. I would tell this interntown people....

I are see, you should move to brazil mate !! here people get commissions for absolutely everything. People recommend each other and whoever recommends you then gets a % on your earnings. Why wouldn't it make sense that brokeengine gets his money's worth for writting a simple review ? Don;t get your point.