We went up to my parents place this weekend, as it had been about a month since my parents had seen Max, and I had something to do on Saturday. It was my buddy Alex's birthday last weekend, and this weekend, 6 of us went to play Texas Hold'em up at Casino Rama.

There are a lot of sad & lost looking people at Casino Rama.

There is a constant drone above the floor, that sounds like an orchestra tuning up. I don't know whether it's just a combination of the cacaphony of 400 slot machines and games, or whether that effect is pipedin to offset the aformentioned cacaphony, but in hour 1, this is a cool effect. By hour 5, it is a very irritating effect.

One reason someone might be in a casino for 5 hours is that Rama isn't very in tune with current events, or so it would seem. Texas Hold'em, as you are most likely aware, has EXPLODED in the last couple of years. It's hugely popular. So, one would expect that there would be Hold'em tables as far as the eye can see. Not the case. There is a little room, off in the corner of the casino, with 12 tables. Some are high stakes ($20/$40 blinds) and the range from there down to low stakes ($1/$2 blinds). You have to sign up on a list and wait for people to leave a table before you can be seated. We waited over an hour to get in, played for 2 hrs, went for dinner, and then had to re-sign up and wait another hour to get back in. Inefficient!

Despite that, we had a good time. Not sure I'd go all the way back to Orillia to wait to give them money though.



Jesse said...

I'm glad to see an account of the day up at Rama that I missed. A little short on details, but I guess what happens in Orillia stays in Orillia, right?

brokenengine said...

HA! We're all old and married! There WERE no further details!

Unless you count the whores....