one early morning, long long long ago, Zeus awoke to the obnoxious buzz of a wal-mart special alarm clock. dragging his sleepy groggy god-ass out of bed, he pulled his clothes out for work that day and dropped them on the bed, staring at them. he was too lazy to iron the slacks, so he figured he'd throw them in the drier at high heat while he grabbed a bowl of apple jacks.

after he ate his fill of their non-appley cinnamony goodness in the comfort of his boxers, he went to check on his slacks, reaching into the drier like a dumbass and grabbing a red hot zipper...

"I'LL BE A CENTAURS ASS!" he exclaimed as he flung the pants into orbit, marveling at the amount of heat that a simple pair of pants can hold.

thus, the sun was born.

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