Oy. This is me today. After not playing soccer for almost a year, not playing my annual softball tournament, no time in the past year to go to the gym (ok, too lazy to MAKE time to go to the gym), my indoor soccer season started last night. It's funny, I can tell which stretch I forgot to do last night, based on the soreness. "Oh, Right! The ASS stretch! Ow."

In other, totally unrelated news: Dave and I stopped by the LCBO before rehearsal last week. It was -17 out, so I thought, along with the usual beer purchase, I'd get one of those small 1 oz. bottles of Whiskey, to take the edge off the cold for Simon and Baron, who had to take public transit to rehearsal. The following dawned on me:

"Dave, check it out: You can buy an ounce of Whiskey at the LCBO for $3. Or, you can buy an ounce of Whiskey at the bar for $5.50. So, apparently, 'CLASS' has a price, and it's $2.50 per fluid oz."

Finally, again apropos of nothing, this:

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