2nd last show

Ok, so here are a couple of pics from the C'est What gig. The rest are uploaded to my Flickr Account.

The show was actually a lot of fun. Small room, but that made it better: Everyone was close. Small stage, but that meant we didn't have to worry about "using the stage": there was no room to "use".

We got asked to play an encore even. Great crowd. Very appreciative. Hell, some mysterious benefactor paid more than half our $100 tab (C'est What has some Yummy beer on tap, be warned)! AND we got paid.

A Podcaster from Buffalo interviewed Simon and I while we were loaded, and I can't WAIT to hear that. He kept asking us questions about music, and we kept talking about Channel 7 news and Irv Weinstein!

Yeah, we're idiots. But he recorded the show, and Patzo videotaped some stuff, so as soon as I get links, I'll pass them on.


Chris Brogan said...

My experience with +nurse at C'est What changed my life.

Nope, I'm not bullsh!tting you. I don't listen to a lot of music any more, because I just haven't felt very connected with it. There are bands that I love because I love the people. Uncle Seth, for instance.

But in that club, when you launched into your opening tune, I just felt completely RIPPED from the 100 or so friends I was trying to spend time with, and dropped into your world.

And yes, that beer ruled!

brokenengine said...

Damn, Chris keeps on saying nice stuff. And I have since found out that HE is the mysterious benefactor. Lovely! He has changed my perception of all things Boston, which previously was 1 for (Cheers), and two against (Bruins and BoSox)

me said...

i know i don't make it out as much as i'd like (blame location and headaches) but what chris said is true. you guys have always delivered a punch in the heart and head. see you FOR SURE no holds barred on may 11th.

brokenengine said...

As long as no one accuses us of "punching the donkey". Because thats just wrong.

Chris Brogan said...

Judging by her picture, I'm sad that Aimee didn't come out.

Second, send me a copy of that picture of you in your glasses holding your swell kid, please, so I can prove to my wife that you DO look a lot like a guy who lived a few doors down from us.

Finally, punching someone in the vulva is okay, right?

brokenengine said...

true enough chris, aim's iz the hotz.

Anonymous said...

Ah geez. I think Chris meant uvula. :P
Tim, you guys rocked and I was so sad to hear there is only one show left. I've only seen you guys a couple times, but you really connect with the audience.
I hope I can make it out to the last show. I'm sure Baron will send me some kind of message or something.