Being a new dad, I find I have a newly invigorated concern for the environment and world my children will live in.

I have not seen "An Inconvenient Truth" yet, but I plan on it. Again, I'm newly awakened.

I am not "anti-Gore". I've always found him charming, and he totally got jobbed in that election. In fact, if I was to levy a complaint, it's that he didn't fight hard enough when he lost that election.

But hypocrisy is hypocrisy. And this is some pretty arrogant bullshit right here, Mr. Preachy.

2:30 - Ok, so at the prompting of Jill "Smarty Pants Voice of Dissent" Murray (who I generally believe to be FAR more intelligent than myself, and hope she doesn't despise me for my continuation of eating meat), I did some searching, and found a response to this attack. What, I'm supposed to actually research? That wasn't in the blogging brochure. And it's Trade Deadline Day, I have much better ways to waste my time!


Anonymous said...

Did you already look into what the "Tennessee Center for Policy Research" is and stands for? Are you truly confident that the information they put forth in their press releases constitutes "fact?"

brokenengine said...

Um, heh, no. I'm exercising my god given right to anonymously gossip and muck rake on the internet. Of course, I stupidly expect my facts to be checked by the increasingly less and less reputable news sources for me. Like a good automaton.

Point me in the right direction here Jill, I don't have time to do actual research hahaha.

brokenengine said...

Ok, so with a quick Google Perusal, I've found out they are a think tank, seem non-partisan, and pretty objective. If they're bald faced lyng, that wouldn't serve anyone, and it's pretty hard to argue with the fact that wind power is offered in his locale, and he denied it even though he preaches it's benefits.

So, what am I missing Jill?

Anonymous said...

You know what the worst part of all this is? It's the fact that attention will be drawn away from his message which is no less real no matter how much energy the guy burns. He could have his own nuclear power plant for all I care. Hypocrite or not, if his message fails to reach people because they don't want to be preached at by a hypocrite, they are ignoring some pretty significant facts. I always have to question why no one is attacking his statements, only that he doesn't apparently live by the standards he sets for everyone else.

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