I want to thank everyone who has sent consolatory emails or commented on the post below. A lot of people have asked if I'm sad or hurting, and thats not really it. I'm disappointed, but not in myself, more in the Toronto scene.

I likened it to the Japanese soldiers that reportedly hid in the jungle for 30 years after WWII, because they didn't know the war was over. Imagine how they felt when they finally came out of hiding. Disappointed and sad, yes, a little, but I imagine a lot of relief at finally being able to stop fighting a futile battle and get on with their lives.

That having been said, +nurse has decided NOT to go on without me, so we are going to have one last farewell show besides our upcoming gig this Saturday. We had already booked The Gladstone Ballroom for our CD release party on May 11, and we are now going to change that into our farewell show, with our friends The Jones, and The Dunes (should they be back from the UK by then).

I hope you all can make it!

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