Ajay = All Axis

Last night, I did a lengthy phone interview with Ajay of AllAxisRadio, which is a podcast based out of Calgary.

We discussed the usual stuff ("Why '+nurse?'", "Why are you guys breaking up?", etc), had an interesting talk about the future of music / radio / podcasting / media, and the possibility of podcasters paying royalties, and I was my usual witty and urbane self.

Which is to say, pretty much a moron hahaha.

Still, it's a weird thing, being interviewed by someone about me or my music. I guess I've been a little fish in a big pond for so long, it's hard for me to imagine people around the world caring, y'know? It's a lot of fun though; made me feel a bit like a "rock star".

Anyway, Ajay is a cool guy, had some good questions, and made it seem more like a conversation than an "Interview".

I'll let you know when he broadcasts the interview, but you should check him and AllAxis out in the meantime.

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