Last night, there was a vicious high stick in the NHL. Chris Simon of the New York Islanders slashed Chris Holwegg of the New York Rangers IN THE FACE. Kris and I both audibly gasped when we saw the highlights. Kris then, very cutely, asked me why he did that, as if there had to be a logical reason. Quite simply, he lost his temper.

The league says they're serious about cracking down on this sort of stuff, but the suspensions they inevitably hand out are a joke. 3 games for the hit on Kaberle last week was ridiculous. Here's my proposal.

  1. If you are charged with a 5 minute major / game ejection for "intent to injure", it results in a mandatory suspension.
  2. If you injured the player, you will miss AT LEAST the same amount of games that player misses, plus whatever extra days the league deems appropriate. That way, you getting three games for breaking Sidney Crosby's leg is not an advantage to your team.
  3. To further make it disadvatageous for your team, you will still be counted as a healthy player in the line-up for the duration of your suspension. In other words, the team will not be able to replace you in the line up, you will be a void and one less player they can dress to help them on ice.
This should stop teams from dressing goons that score one goal and rack up 185pm's a year, and sending them out on the ice to do their business. The only way you'll stop this is to seriously hamstring the team that does it. The succeed as a team, they should also fail as a team.

You thoughts?


me said...

i disagree. i think it really should stay 'case-to-case' since the incidents vary, however slightly. like this past hit with simon, it wasn't like he scouted holwegg out and chased him down, it didn't seem that way to me. so you can't have a blanket penalty for severe injuries, because if they are accidental, it wouldn't be right to charge everyone so harshly. it's like how there are several different types of convictions for murder, depending on circumstance and intent, and a different set of punishment for each.

brokenengine said...

If they were accidental, you wouldn't get an "intent to injure" penalty or a game misconduct. That penalty is given out to pretty obvious infractions.

me said...

yeah, but that judgement isn't always accurate! sometimes there's a fine line between accidental and intentional...

brokenengine said...

Yeah, but I don't think you get an "intent to injure" penalty for something like accidental knee on knee. And if even if you did get an ITI penalty and it was an accident, you must've been doing something reckless enough to give the ref the idea that you meant to do it. And so, you still deserve a suspension.

The only way their going to get this nonsense out of the league is to take a totally hard core approach to it. The players will learn quickly that stupid behaviour results in serious repercussions, and they'll think again.