TTC: Are you kidding?

Unbelievably, the TTC has done MORE to hurt their image with the people you would think matter most to them: The paying customer.

They are launching a new ad campaign that helpfully advises their customers that the incessant lateness, mismanagement, and inefficiency in the TTC is ACTUALLY due to their customers.

They include the top 5 reasons, and one assumes they would, y'know, like us to knock it off.

The hubris inherent in this reminds one of Oedipus. Of course, that also reminds one of a particular colourful euphemism, also apropos.

Here's a visual representation of the TTC's PR right about now.


Anonymous said...

I just picture some ttc driver wandering around The Gap looking for clothes and a caption at the bottom "Why the TTC is late"

brokenengine said...

Maybe thats what it means. TTC drivers are distracted by so many people looking slick in their brand new Gap threads! DAMN YOU AFFORDABLE FAUX-HIPNESS!!!