As previously announced, we are now denizens of Danforth Village.

The move was not terribly difficult, but arduous by reason of our procrastination; I was up until 5am packing, didn't get everything done, got up at 8am to pick up the truck, and then I was go go go from then until 1am Sunday morning. Ow.

We're still buried under boxes, and I haven't hooked up the computer, but cable and phone are installed, new washer and dryer are operating, and we're getting there, slowly but surely.

House warming to be announced.


The podcast interview that I did with Ajay of AllAxisRadio.com has finally been broadcast, and you can download it from his site, or click : HERE :


Social Services call is no doubt imminent. Thanks Baron. Thanks a lot.

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Ian C. said...

Welcome to the hood. Wait until you see what living next to the 12th Fret does to your bank balance. ;-)