I've been on vacation for the last week. I have now come to realize that vacation as a single bachelor is FAR different from vacation as a married dad. Pretty much every single minute was packed with going here, there, everywhere.

-Drove to Bobcaygeon for Papa's memorial service. At the Legion. The Legion, in Bobcaygeon. THAT'S an interesting microcosm, let me tell you. All the seniors gather there on Saturday for something called "The Meat Roll", which is basically a wheel of fortune contest where the prize is various meat products (4lbs of Hamburger, Pot Roast, etc). Spoke to the president of the legion (Don), and chatted about his time in Korea. I think he was impressed that I knew ANYTHING about Korea, he seemed to be of the mind that Canada's involvement in that war is largely forgotten in the shadow of America's involvement. I told him that the CBC would never deign to make a sit-com about a Canadian MASH unit, and thats why everyone thinks it was America vs. Korea. He laughed, bitterly...Later, the ladies wanted to go to a store on the main street that has "10000 shoes WHEEEE!". So, while there, I told Kris "I'm going to go check out the street, see what there is to see." When I got back, she said "I thought you were going to check out the street?". "I did", I replied. I'd been gone 2 minutes.

-Every single day, we took a long walk, down the Danforth, to The Beach(es), down Queen W, down Yonge, etc etc etc. I feel like I've come back from a hiking trip. My knees don't bounce back like they used to.

-We rented a car for the week. Dumbass that I am, I got the car towed. Twice. I really wish Toronto would make an effort to have signage clear, and not, like at the other end of the block. Still, my fault right? For not hiking to the end of the block to see that there's no stopping on Woodbine between 7am and 9am Mon-Fri? Sure, that makes sense. So, $400 later....

-Went to the Zoo for the first time in 2 decades. Pretty fun! Most of it was lost on Max, he's just too young to be into anything but the Fish (since they move a lot), but I suspect we went for Kris anyways!

-Went to K/W to see Nisha and Maire. Man, Nisha is GROWING UP! She's so funny, and smart (When I told her that I did the same thing as she did in a situation when I was little, she said "Were you a little boy or a little girl?" Ha Ha Ha.). And BIG for a 3 year old. Maire says that she goes to playgrounds and tries to make friends with kids her size, but those kids are usually 5, so the intellectual gap is too big. Which is kind of sad, but I know she'll make some good friends her own age, it's just a matter of time. She's FEARLESS though! I was pushing her on the swings, and she kept wanting to go "Higher! HIGHER!". She climbed a 30 ft slide all by herself. STRESS for me hahahaha

-Recorded two more songs for our debut/swan song. I love working with Jeff at Studio 8. He really gets involved. I can't recommend him enough.

-Am crossing my fingers that the interest in our show on Friday equals an actual turn out. Facebook invite confirms are pretty high, so...heh, we'll see. Myspace is, as usual, a bust.

-Wondering what my future holds past this weekend as far as creative output goes. I think I'm going to try and spend a lot more time on self improvement: A lot more reading, a lot more exercising, but hopefully not too much introspection. Introspection is good, but I already do enough for two emo kids!

-Paris Hilton is going to jail! For real! Holy Crap, I just can't believe the spoiled brat is GOING TO JAIL. Mind boggling. What's also mind boggling is that she will now have more street cred than 50% of the hard-gangsta-hip hop scene. That should pretty much be the death knell of the whole scene actually. Hard to rep gangsta when Paris Hilton and Martha Stewart have done more time than you.

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