Ok, so, the recap...

Last weekend was easily the best weekend in recent memory, what with the Toronto FC winning their first game, and a great mothers day, where we went to The Beach and ate steak at The Tulip, and just generally enjoyed each others company.

But it was kicked off by an amazing Friday night at The Gladstone Ballroom...

We were advised to load in at 5pm, which is pretty early by Toronto standards. And as usual, it was a lot of "hurry up and wait". But we all got there early, got our stuff loaded in, and got ourselves a good soundcheck. So did the band before us The Sea Inside. The Jones and The Dunes had foregone their's, so we had time to make sure everything sounded just right.

The invites advised that the doors opened at 9, and for once, people heeded this! People started showing up at 9 on the nose! By the time The Jones hit the stage at 10pm, there was already close to 100 people in the club!

And The Jones rocked the joint! Their new songs sound great, and they totally had their sound dialed in! We had hired our friend Brian Ireland to do sound for us, just to make sure we got the absolute best attention, and his familiarity with the songs really helped getting a great sound for the entire night. I was running the door at this point, and I'm not sure what people thought, as they came in to see me dancing like a happy madman, asking them for 6 bucks.

Next up were The Sea Inside. Jeff Eden, who runs Studio8, where we recorded our CD, is their drummer. They have a great sound, like early Radiohead (circa Pablo Honey) or Muse. Truthfully, most of their set I was running around trying to get money for the front door. We were charging $6, and everyone that came through the door was paying with a $10 or $20, so we were chronically running out of change. But what I heard of The Sea Inside was FANTASTIC! Very dramatic and dynamic!

+nurse went on after them. By the time we hit the stage, the bar was almost at capacity. I did the math, and there was at least 250 paying customers there, not including guest list. Easily one of the biggest crowds I've played to in a club in the city. And they were extremely appreciative and animated. We played probably the best show of our short career, and the crowd responded in turn. We were given an encore even!

Finally, The Dunes brought the house down, as they always do. Not sure what to say about them that I haven't already, many times, in this space. My favourite band in Toronto, they are certainly destined for great things. Kevin had all sorts of nice things to say about +nurse, which got me all emo and choked up, and I got to get up onstage with them and sing a little bit too, which was super cool.

All in all, I will remember it for the rest of my life. It is EXACTLY how I wanted to close of this part of my life. Almost all of the important people in my life were there, my close and best friends, my parents, my brother...Candace was still in New Zealand, Nisha is 3 (ha!), and Kristie, sadly, was unable to attend, as she had to stay home with Max. It sucks that she couldn't be there, but since we've given each other our entire lives, one night won't make much difference hahaha!

So, now, I look forward, and I wonder about a lot of things. Whats "Next"? Is there even a "Next"? Do I still make music in another capacity, or stop altogether? I'd like to say that I still make music, but I am inherently lazy, and without the pressure of other people depending on me, I might not always find the impetus. If not, what will my creative outlets be?

You have to understand, indie music has been one of the most, if not THE SINGLE MOST defining thing in my life up to this point. I've been doing it since I was 16, when your adult personality starts to formulate. I've always been doing it, playing, writing, performing, and it has informed just about everything I've done and do in some way. It is the main reason why I didn't persue post-secondary education. It is the main reason why I didn't travel much in my 20's. It is one of the reason's why I never left Toronto.

It has also been a source of strength; where a lot of my self-confidence stemmed from; a creative and cathartic outlet. It's just been such a large part of my identity for so long...

This is not to say I'm frightened, just curious. Perhaps there's a slight trepidation, but it's slight. Change is scary, but inevitably necessary. I'm nervous, but excited.

And hey, at the very least, I'll have more time for pints, hockey, and Toronto FC! Hope you'll join me!

So, here I go...wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

LUCK! :)

Ian C. said...

wow, that was a great recap. made me wish i made my departure from TAE a little more memorable. kind of left on a rainy night after a small gig in a small town.

i, like you, put a lot of things on hold to play music. definitely it kept me anchored to toronto, perpetually broke, and prevented me travelling much (outside of the music related travel). it was a good couple of months of dark despair after i quit TAE. the guitars got dusty. but they're better than best friends: they don't ask you to call regularly or hang out when you can't. they're always there when you're ready to pick them up again. strum a few chords and walk away and they don't mind. play all night and they're right there with you hanging on your every note. i'm excited again about music, and i like making music without the pressure now. to play not because i have to write a new song write right freakin' now, but because i just want to make music. and travel: well, we're moving to ottawa! i'm really excited to see a different city's music scene.

you don't need luck. you've got the music. you can't leave that. it's always there, whenever you want it.