These are the lyrics from the last +nurse songs. I guess they'll never be heard because we couldn't get them to the point where we were ready to play them live in time for the show this Friday. Hmmm, maybe I'll use them some day...

: crt nation :

wicked hands and knowing lips
pouring through the lines
pictures blurred from time elapsed
reflect in our empty eyes

we're all laughing in our sleep

band together, face the night
we like the way you think
come here darling, fuss and fight
twirl with me around the brink

we're all laughing in our sleep

this could be the moment when we all fall apart
this could be the moment when we all fall apart

we can't allow them this

: hong kong, december 1941 :

Wake up

It’s Christmas Day
Back home in Winnipeg
Gin Drinkers is broken
Guns in the bay

Wake up

You’re in too deep
You’re in for everything
Your head on the concrete
Good head on your shoulders
Retreat through the graveyard
To devils peak

Wake up

Wake up

Where every breath is burning like the sun
And everything you did is now undone

Wake up

: the way we were :

always loving
what we're told
faking life and growing old

building silence
building lies
ladders into empty skies

our 2000th honeymoon
you're in my sights
i'll see you soon
human bombers hope the world will turn
and we tune in
to watch them burn

it's the new world
bought and sold
it's the emperors new clothes

we'll stay in and
be discreet
there's a lion in the street

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