Toronto FC First Goal

This is mostly for my sister in New Zealand, to show the craziness that has overtaken the cities soccer fans now that Toronto FC is in town. Seriously, who needs the English Premiership? Even the guy that scored the goal, who just came over to Toronto from England, said that this crowd was the closest to the crazy English fans of any team in the MLS, and that American teams are not prepared for this level of support. Truly, it would be intimidating to come into BMO as the enemy!

Here's a nice montage with lots of different angles:

These next two are from fans perspective and come CLOSE to showing the havoc in teh stands. CLOSE, but not quite:

This one is just to the left and a couple of rows in front of my seat. Our seats are directly on the goal line:


ckdownunder said...

Wow. Wow. That looked nuts! Looks like good fun though. Since when did Toronto get a soccer team?

brokenengine said...

They started building the stadium last year. I, Jesse, Alex, and 8 other guys, got seasons tickets in February!