"Director Mike Figgis was going through security at LAX when he was asked the reason for his visit. "I'm here to shoot a pilot," ...The director of Leaving Las Vegas, Timecode and Internal Affairs was then detained for about five hours until immigration officials could get online and figure out that, yep, 'pilot' has more than one meaning."


Ian C. said...

from Mike Figgis himself:

the story is a complete exageration of something I said in an interview, namely...I was being questioned in toronto airport by the US immigration officer who said "purpose of your visit?" and I was about to reply "I'm here to shoot a pilot" when I thought better of it and said

"I'm here to film the 1st episode of a potential series for Fox/Sony"

This was exactly as I said it to the journalist and the next I knew of it was phone calls wishing me deepest sympathies etc and the venue had moved to LAX and I had been arrested etc etc.

I've had distortion before in interviews but never fiction. If it had been true it would have been a good story - sorry to dissappoint All the best - mike figgis

brokenengine said...

Thats awesome, thanks! I love the internet. Someone sent me this, I thought it was funny and put it up, and it turns out its all BS and the truth (that the media is so desperate for ANY story that they just make shit up now) is even funnier!

me said...

haha, exaggeration in the media™, who knew?