Gmail is my primary email service, and it has been up and down all day. It's really irritating.

Yeah, thats all I got.

Um, Zelda on the Wii is fun. I never thought I'd be on "Team Nintendo", but for fun innocent games it rocks pretty good. Of course, Resident Evil 4 comes out pretty soon, so that'll be the end of the innocence right there. Gotta remember not to play in front of Max.

Ok, so THAT'S all I got.


Ian C. said...

you're just joining team nintendo now? i've been a nintendo guy since the NES. i buy 'em now just to play the zelda and metroid games. haven't got a wii yet...maybe before the baby arrives i should take care of all my toy buying?

brokenengine said...

No, I was a Sega master system and then Sega Genesis guy. My dad has always been the guy that gets the techy thing that no one else gets. We had a Beta for years, for instance. After that I went Playstation over Nintendo, and then XBOX. I still say that I prefer ALL those systems to their Nintendo counterparts. Even now, I'm having fun with the Wii, but all the games are pretty juvenile, and I see something like "Resistance" or "Gears Of War", and I start salivating like Homer Simpson in a Donut Factory.