It's been an exhausting last couple of days gentle readers...

Last night, we played a show for NXNE at The El Mocambo. Baron couldn't make this show, so we called upon our friend Alex Sloman from GASH to step into his drumming shoes, and he filled in admirably. We played at 8pm, and had a pretty good turn out considering it was early and we barely had the chance to promote the show at all. Thanks LJ for doing merch for us!

Jason "2Scoops" Carlin was there, and we hung out for the rest of the night. It really gets blurry after the onstage shot of JD. Pints at the Elmo. Pints at The Red Room. More drinks at the Elmo. One of the things about being on a corporate showcase at NXNE, lots of industry and executive types love to generously shove as much liquid down your throat as possible. If you go over to the 2Scoops, Jason might have a better recollection than I. I know that, being the tactful person I am, I was trying to set up Jason with every single girl we met. Heh, Sorry Jason.

He and I hit the
Torontoist BBQ at about 10:30, hung out for an hour, and thats where I left him. Met up with LJ at The Bovine for one more pint, and by then I was thinking it was time to get home while I still remembered where it or I was, so I said my goodbyes and fell into bed at around 2am.
But Sunday, I played Soccer at BMO field for the inaugural NXNE Charity Soccer Game, Music Industry vs. Media. Don't ask me how I qualified to be on this team, but I am so grateful to Andy Maclean for including me. I was actually more excited about this game than I was about our show! What fun! Walking down the runway, and onto the pitch where my new heroes play = AMAZING.

In practice, I headed a cross from Matt Murphy of
The Flashing Lights into the net, and was congratulated by Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene. John Mullane from In Flight Safety was playing midfield, and Eon Sinclair from Bedouin Soundclash also laced up for our side. DJ Mark Oliver and Murray Foster from Great Big Sea lined up on my side of the field, and Tara Luft from Maplemusic was in the midfield. Pretty heady company for an unknown indie guy like myself.

All in all, I played well, Matt Murphy scored a hat trick, Brendan Cand Eon are surprisingly good soccer players, and the Music Industry "White Noise" team won 5-3! Better still, I hear that we raised something like $2000 for Right To Play, which is great by anyones standards.

Now, to go collapse. I'm seriously out of shape. Must get fit for next year!

Here's me cheering my assist to Matt!

Here's Matt passing me one of my chances on goal.


Unknown said...

Looks like the game was a blast, sorry I missed it.

I had a great time on Sat. I could tell, I had about a dozen FB adds. You're recollection was accurate. I stuck around the Torontoist BBQ a bit longer chatting, and then booted it up to Finch to catch the GO Bus. God I've got to move back downtown soon...

I was trying to set up Jason with every single girl we met. Heh, Sorry Jason.

LOL - dude what are you apologizing for. You were the consumate wingman in my quest to find me an indie-rock girlfriend.

brokenengine said...

Ah ha, see? NOW I have a mission!

Safari said...

Man great game.. I can't believe how strong the level of play was. I could do this every month for charity!!

Go White Noise!!

Anonymous said...

Come on you Reds!

Awesome game.

Safari, Tim - i think/agree with you that a rematch would be a great idea.