I know. I know, I don't update enough. C'est la vie with a 1 year old.

  • I'm working hard at work, trying to be the model employee, so I can GTFO of there. The only thing I have time for there is reading friends blogs, and laughing at some other people's blogs. And when I'm home, I'm dad & husband, so not much time for blogging myself. And then, there's the aforementioned Facebook Texas Hold 'Em (Current Rank #650). So, you can see, I have NO time.
  • Max turned one last week. We had a small family gathering at the local park. Met Maire & Peters new Son Raelen, super cute. Cool that Nisha has another little brother, one that lives with her. And she is adjusting remarkably well, so thats a relief.
  • In other news....hmmm...well, +nurse might be playing another show, private party, by request type thing. In Burlington. I'll let you know if it's open to road-trippers.
  • I might be doing some pre-production with The Dunes, as I have offered to help on their new record any way I can, and they have expressed interest.
  • And my buddy Martin has a new solo project coming up, which I might also help on.
  • And there's always an upcoming "old school" jam, one with my ex-bandmates and ex-ex-bandmates, that has yet to be solidly booked, but everyone is interested none the less.

So, I'm keeping busy.

Kris goes back to work next week, and Max starts daycare. So, thats a new adjustment. And I'm finding life and finances pretty heavy, so thats a new challenge. But one we'll work out.

Ok, I'll try to update more often. Sorry again.

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