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So, again, not too good at updating these days. No net access at work anymore (trogolodytes!), and of course, I'm the family man when I get home.

  • Just about everyone I know is moving to the East Side, so thats cool.
  • Was thinking the other day that, I miss performing and creating music, but I don't miss it at the same time. I know that makes no sense, just go with it for me.
  • Money is still an issue, but then again, when is it not.
  • Job is still an issue, and I am actively seeking alternate opportunities. Anyone out there got any leads?
  • Max is ALMOST walking. He took 10 steps across the room yesterday. He's still not actively CHOOSING to walk all the time though.
This is for fellow bloggers: The future of photo manipulation, should help in the design of blog posts.
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This I found amusing (I love Robot Chicken):
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This I found extremely accurate (Toronto Hipsters: look into the mirror, losers):
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And finally, Anchorman. When I watched this film, I found about 16% of it funny. And thats being generous. However, in the special features portion of the DVD, there WAS this:
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