Ridiculous things, seen on the subway

#1. Highly Politicized and Unbelievably Pretentious Sticker

Look, I get what you're saying. We ARE being manipulated by fear, I hear you. I'm on that team, for sure. But to say there are NO terrorists? Are you insane? Of course there are, and there ARE terrorists that ARE plotting bad things for North America, right now. I just don't think it's as constantly imminent as the media and government would tell us it is. But "NO terrorists"...give me a break. Whats more accurate is "There are WAY MORE terrorists than you think, we just need to better define the word 'terrorist'".

#2. Poster for the latest Peter Pan musical, starring: Kurt Browning?!

Kurt Browning is a fantastic figure skater. Great Athlete. National Treasure. And for all I know, he might be a Tony-Caliber singer and dancer. But dude is old. And bald. And not totally bald either, but with the Jean Luc Picard, Colliseum hair going around the back of his head. And he's playing Peter Pan. "The boy who never grew up", "I can fly I can fly I can fly", Peter-fucking-Pan. Did the casting director not see the hurdle inherent here? I know we're supposed to suspend our disbelief and everything, but please don't tax imaginations so much that the POSTER is hard to believe! Help us help you, for gods sakes!

One thing Kurt has going for him: He'll be right at home, jumping around in tights, surrounded by fairies, pirates, and lost boys.


me said...

haha, lisa and i had this same discussion in the kitchen when we received a flier for the show. now i laugh every time i see that stupid poster on the subway...

Anonymous said...

"There ARE terrorists that ARE plotting bad things for North America, right now."

Where did you hear about that? Are you sure it's from a reliable source?

brokenengine said...

Anonymity = I don't take you seriously