Dude. Cloverfield. DUDE! CLOVERFIELD!


Ian C. said...

no dude: speed racer, speed racer!

man...i miss having time to see movies. when do i get that time back? about 5 months? 9 months? 2 years?

brokenengine said...

Ha! I hear you! I got special permission to go see this, as I told my wife "I *AM* seeing that movie when it comes out" as soon as the trailers hit, when Transformers was in theatres. So, she had lots of notice. Monsters stomping cities isn't her cup of tea really. Then again, her favourite movie this year WAS Transformers (She actually called it a "Feel good movie" hahaha), so she might like it after all...

But yeah, time/money for things like movie/concert going has been at a premium akin to that of oil or gold. Or oil made from gold. Flecked with diamonds. And blow. And blow jobs.

But dude...make the time and go see this movie.