My on-going hate affair with the TTC gets more fuel with the upcoming strike. CP24 asked for commuter response, so this is what I emailed them. Your thoughts/comments?

'I think it has become obvious at this point that the TTC union is broken, and an alternative needs to be sought. Making the TTC an essential service and the union done away with seems the logical conclusion.

The problem is the political impact of being seen as a "Strike buster", given the weight of union lobbyists come election time. The other problem is the TTC itself is broken as well, seemingly run by people that have ZERO knowledge of business. It has been made clear that the federal government is not going to provide any more funding, and yet the TTC doesn't take any meaningful steps to increase its own revenue outside of fare hikes. The logical answer to this seems to be privatization, as loathe as I am to admit it. Perhaps if some businessmen were at the helm, the TTC would start operating like a business!

The time for a politician to rise above this is now. I think the support of the common person, that is sick and tired of this ridiculous Dickens-ian holding out of the hand at every opportunity, will outweigh that of the union lobbyists come election time. If only a politician would come along and say "enough is enough" and do what must be done for our "world class city" to actually function like one. Someone must rise above the politics.

If the union values their jobs, they will suck it up. I empathize with their demands, but you can't always get what you want. I'm upset when I see someone doing the same job as I do, but being paid better. If you're unhappy with how you're being paid compared to your peers at another company, GO AND APPLY AT THE OTHER COMPANY! If my answer was to stop doing my job until I was paid the same as those peers, I'd be shown the door. Time for the same thing to happen to the TTC.

If the TTC was to hire scabs to replace these union drivers, I would 100% support it. I would actually be happy to apply as temporary security to protect those scabs, providing me with some much needed catharsis and an outlet for my frustration by being a barrier to the inevitable picketers.

Unions are not a bad thing. Unions that hold a city hostage because they want more than they agreed to when they got hired are. You signed a contract when you took the job. Suck it up, and honour it.'

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