TTC sing-a-long

**Sung to the theme song of "Thomas The Tank Engine"**

Expensive, surly, always late
But then surprised when there is hate
Management says theres no cash
Workers hit the bricks but fast
We must bear it with a frown
As they're the only game in town
They're no friend to you or me
Screw you TTC


Anonymous said...

And then the environmentalists try to tell us all to get rid of our cars and rely on public transit...yeah sure, lets all put ourselves completely in their power.

Anonymous said...

This is why you should not reward uneducated people by paying them more. They voted against the offer on Friday because of ignorance, misinformation and rumours. Total sheep, they are. Ignorance is never an excuse...for anything.

And where are the protests? I'm getting tired of the Canadian "niceness". It ain't working. Nice guys finish last.

Quick story...last summer during a heat wave I waited in line for a ride at a midway for 45 minutes in the broiling sun for my 5-year old nephew (too hot for him to stand so my sister took him on other rides while I waited). A Muslim woman and her two sons IN FRONT OF EVERYONE'S VIEW butted right in front of everyone. NOBODY SAID ANYTHING...except me (very politely since there were kids around). Later, some people said "good for you". I couldn't believe I was the only one to say something.

Point is...we need to stand up for ourselves and stop being the nice guys.

Anonymous said...

Great little ditty - very creative. All I'd be able to come up with is plagiarizing Soul Asylum's "Runaway Train":

Runaway train, never going back
Wrong way on a one-way track
Seems like I should be getting somewhere
Somehow I'm neither here nor there

And kudos to all the fine upstanding TTC dudes who dumped young people and women off in the middle of the night.

TTC = Take The Car