A hilarious weekend for hockey, in a mean-spirited, schadenfreude sort of way...

First, there was Marc Andre Fleury taking the ice for game one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs:

I love the 2 Detroit kids standing next to the door, unable to contain their glee. I laughed, but then I felt horrible for the guy. I mean, imagine dreaming your whole life of taking the ice as the starting goalie in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. And then THAT happens. God.

Next, and I can't figure out if it's worse or better, so lets call it a tie, The Spokane Chiefs won The Memorial Cup. And this happened:

Just look at those two guys, standing there, not knowing what to do. TOO funny. And then they try to put it back together, which just makes it worse. It's like something from a Chris Guest movie. Hilarious. Tragic. Classic.

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Unknown said...

Laughed my ass off when that happened!