Obama bama bo bama...

... Banana nana fo fama
Me my mo mama

I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to the US election, as improbable as that seems considering it was all anyone seemed to talk about for the last month. I liked the charisma of both candidates equally, but I know very little about their platforms, or how they differed from one another. I inherently mistrust politicians, and believe their campaign promises are worth the paper they're written on, and I don't give the average American the credit for the intelligence to understand half of what those politicians are talking about anyways, so charisma seems as good a measuring stick as anything.

So, I liked each guy equally. But when McCain chose Palin as his running mate, it almost seemed like he was trying to throw the thing. Mind boggling.

So, yeah, cool that Obama is in. I never thought I would live to see a black president. Amazing. It really is a sign that the USA might be changing for the better. And it gives hope to millions of disenfranchised Americans, and that can only be a good thing.

But the USA is in such a shambles, it's hard to see how he can fix it. He has so much hype to live up to, and there's only so much a president can do in a democracy, while still keeping his promises, and appealing to those that voted for him. How long before he has to make some tough decisions? How long before he starts getting called "Uncle Tom"?

I really want to be optimistic, I do. I wish I could get caught up in the zeitgeist, the Obama-mania. But I just think that the USA I hooped, no matter which guy was elected. I believe they are a Neo-Rome, and like all empires eventually and inevitably do, they are on the down slope of their power, influence, and affluence. Thank W for ushering that in, the Neo-Caligula, with his hedonistic economic orgy of the last 8 years.

So would that make Obama the new Nero? Does he play the fiddle? Or will be be playing basketball while Rome burns? Attacks by Islamic forces contributed to the fall of Rome, as did attacks by the Huns and Vandals(or Russia, for our purposes).

(Students of Roman history will know I'm way off on the time lines for these allusions. Call it creative license, in order to make a point)

Again, I really hope I'm wrong about this. Mainly because Canada is so tethered to the USA, and if they sink, it will be nigh impossible to avoid drowning in the backwash. And that's if they don't try annex us and our mineral and water resources in an attempt to stay on top.

But I digress(ha, no kidding). I wish Barack the best of luck and I hope he can live up to the hype. I never thought I'd see a black man in the oval office, so the impossible is possible after all.

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