It's been forever since I updated. Wow. Life has just been full. Being a Dad is amazing, and I'm sure it will reveal itself to be more wondrous every day, but it's also exhausting.

-Max: His body growth has plateaued for the time being, but his intellectual growth is amazing. He's conversational know, something he wasn't even close to 6 months ago. The kid MAKES JOKES. It's just amazing, to see him put things together, each and every day. He's not out of diapers yet, but he is showing more interest in "the potty", so it won't be long now. Poor kid has had a run of being sick though; he gets sick, shakes it, is healthy for a week or so, gets sick again. Sigh, I think he's inherited his mothers constitution.

-Zoe: Her intellectual growth is also stunning, but her physical growth is astounding. If it wasn't my little girl, it might border on disturbing. She is 8 months old(today!), and already weighs more than 20 lbs and is wearing the same size diapers as Max. She is JUST on the cusp of crawling, should be happening any day now. She is growing her 5th tooth. She has not slept through the night, doesn't nap, as a baby of her age should. But last night, she slept from 9pm to 630am. I'm not saying anything else, to avoid the jinx, but you know what I'm hoping.

-Nisha: Just turned 5. Unbelievable. She's awesome, but I still don't see her nearly as much as I would like. I'm just so swamped with the kids at home, and she lives on the other side of town...no excuse though. We're hopefully getting together for a trip to the ROM in a couple of weeks, so that will be fun.

Hey, if she's 5, that means this blog also turns 5, in the next month or so. Crazy. If anyone is still reading, thank you for your interest.

-Kristie: Poor Kristie. She hasn't had a good nights sleep in 3+ years. Hopefully Zoe sleeping last night means that this will end soon. She has decided not to go back to work, and will be looking into working from home somehow.

-Me: I work, I go home and play with the kids, they go to bed, and Kris and I hang out until bed time. Repeat. So, I live for the weekends, when we can all go out, just to get out.
:Haven't touched my guitar for a couple of months, although I am starting a new music project with my old friend Russell next week. It'll be electronica based, I think. No plan on doing it live, purely for recording and having fun.
:I'm also thinking about writing a script; A few months back, I joked about the Monopoly movie, but the more I think about it, the more I'd like to give it a whirl.
:Finally, also thinking about the Canadian Forces Reserves. Just to prove to myself that I can do it.

I'll try to update more often.

(edited out some pettiness)


me said...

i still check in every now and again... glad to hear things are good for you and the fam. :)

the older i get, the more i understand the phrase, "time flies".

good lawd!

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm still checking in once in a while too. Haven't been updating my blog much either although now that I've been on the road, managing and setting up shows, it's actually worth while posting some stuff occasionally. Sounds like things are going well dude. I actually ran into Russ a while back and we did the whole "wow I was a really bad roommate" thing. Have fun with the music!