Dunno how into blogging I am anymore. Too busy, way more on my plate these days. In short:
-Kids are good, growing like weeds, my joy
-Marraige is a constant learning process, with rough spots and smooth spots. Lately though, I have felt more and more in love with my wife, despite any of the rough spots.
-We're moving to Kitchener. We decided we don't want to raise our kids in a city that increasingly shows itself to be broken, apathetic, and depressing. I'm tired of apologizing for this city that i once loved. It breaks my heart, like a lover that turns his back on someone that was once his entire world and dreams. But turn my back I must, for me, and my family. So, we're out of here, as of late Sept.
-Don't know when I'll update this again. Don't know IF I'll update this again.

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